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Here at DK Fitness, Darin prides himself on the ability to take on anyone’s specific fitness goals and help them achieve them. If you're looking to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, gain strength, or improve athletics, Darin can help you reach your goals while teaching you the correct form and function.

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Weight Loss

The DKFitness approach to weight loss is based around three simple strategies. First, you will build a foundation that will allow you to train with the intensity needed to burn your maximum calories. Second, you’ll come to discover the science behind why diet is the most important element of any weight loss journey. You’ll walk away with the knowledge required to make the best nutritional choices for your body. Third, you will get into the habit of success by working with Darin to set small achievable goals. These milestones will act as a constant source of inspiration and motivation.


Lean Muscle Mass

Building lean muscle mass requires constantly confusing your muscles with new types of movements, tempos, weight loads and modalities. Each month, DKFitters are introduced to a different phase of training that will ensure no part of the muscle is ever ignored. Not only will this challenge your muscles, it will challenge your mind and create changes you can both see and feel.


Strength Training

For those with a specific focus on building optimal strength, whether for sport or personal progress, Darin focuses on three different phases:

•Strength endurance
•Optimal strength

Prepare to be challenged and come away with a new understanding of the science behind how your muscles function.


Corrective Exercise

Over the years, whether we spend our days sitting at a computer or doing manual labor, most of us build up muscular imbalances that go unnoticed until the day a serious injury occurs. Corrective Exercise focuses on those imbalances with the goal of putting our muscles in harmony and building functional movement patterns that will allow you to get through the day pain free and feeling strong.



Let’s face it, injuries are scary. And when we do get injured, most of us are so afraid of compounding the damage that we choose to ignore the injured area, rather than addressing the underlying problem. By focusing on building stabilizer muscles, increasing range of motion and correcting muscular imbalances, DKFitters are able to make strong recoveries and regain the confidence in their bodies to live their best lives.


Ready To Get after it?




Darin’s passion for personal training was born after a devastating shoulder injury cut short a promising baseball career.  In the process of learning what caused the injury, Darin discovered how the misinformed training advice left him vulnerable to a career ending trauma. Because of this, Darin launched his new career in Personal Training to help others attain correct training knowledge and gain value from each and every session.

Since then, Darin has spent nearly 20,000 hours helping people of all ages, backgrounds, limitations and goals to create their healthiest selves. Whether working with an elite athlete in need of professional training routines, a young adult looking to gain muscle, or a retiree who wants to be able to pick up her grandkids without pain, Darin’s science based approach and deep connection with his clients has helped hundreds of members of the “DK Fitness Family” realize that with the right help…



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The DK Difference.

A typical training session with Darin will take you through a dynamic warm-up, followed by a personally tailored “circuit” that will challenge your body in new ways and leave you with an endorphin rush that you’ll carry throughout the day or night. By delivering personalized routines in a group format of up to four clients at a time, Darin is able to keep costs down for his clients without sacrificing the quality and value of each workout while ultimately helping more people reach their fitness goals in the process.


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