Sherry S.

I highly recommend DK Fitness.  I’ve been with DK Fitness for several years and have been very happy and satisfied with the strength training I’ve received. Darin is the best trainer I’ve worked with for several reasons.  Darin is very attentive to his client’s differing needs and wants and develops challenging exercises to accommodate them. He also lets you know how to improve your form so you are able to get the most out of each exercise. He is very good about changing the exercises so you don’t repeat the same one each session. He also provides balanced training so you focus on different types of exercises over time such as strength, endurance, balance, etc. 

Mike S.

I have trained with Darin since 2009 and credit him for a big change in how I look and, more importantly, in how I feel.  Darin is upbeat, motivating and extremely knowledgeable about his profession--he understands muscles and body mechanics inside and out.  I have always appreciated Darin's focus on the details of exactly how to do an exercise.  He makes sure you are getting maximum benefit from each exercise and avoiding injury at the same time.  But in my opinion, Darin's biggest strength is his creativity.  For someone who gets bored easily, I have been amazed at how Darin finds ways to keep workouts different, fun, interesting and effective....for 10 years!


To be perfectly honest, I am not a gym enthusiast.  Far from it; it’s hard work, I sweat a lot and I can think of many other things I’d rather be doing.  But I go because it is good for me.  And since Darin became my trainer nine years ago, going to the gym has become a lot more pleasant and a part of my regular routine. The atmosphere at Darin’s is welcoming, non-threatening and encouraging.  He greets me when I arrive and is attentive to any new issues or soreness I might have.  I have confidence in his knowledge of the human body and how everything works together.  He has new fitness goals for us each month and sends out emails explaining what they are.  I particularly like that Darin regularly incorporates new ways to do things; it’s never boring because he varies the routine to keep us engaged and motivated.  I highly recommend DKFitness as a place to train and Darin Foss as a person of integrity who has a sincere regard for his clients!

Preston H.

Darin really cares about a client's well-being and progress, evident from his first assessment, unorthodox training style and philosophy. I came to him with a plethora of physical limitations including a twice repaired Achilles’ tendon. He catered to my goals and physical limitations, while training in a group setting.  That impressed me. It seemed to me, in previous personal training experiences, that trainers were just going through the motions, were solely motivated by money and genuinely did not care about me. Darin could not be more opposite in that respect. Not only does he get results, but he genuinely cares about each and every one of his clients. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone.

Katie S. 

I trained with several different trainers before working exclusively with Darin for the past few years. He is, without a doubt, the most talented and creative trainer. I work out with him 2-3 times per week, and he is able to come up with new exercises at each session. His workouts are always challenging and never boring. When you first meet Darin, it is immediately apparent that he loves being a trainer and that he is very knowledgeable about how the body works. What you’ll learn quickly is that he also cares a lot about his clients. He is very patient, and takes time to make sure his clients are happy. I have seen firsthand the thought and preparation he puts into his workout designs.Anyone would be very lucky to have Darin as their personal trainer.

Karen C.

At age 53 my physical health was at its lowest point in my life.  I finally decided to make it my goal to get healthy and fit.  I had never stepped into a gym before, because of my own sense of intimidation and insecurities of walking into a gym not knowing anything about how the machines work or how to get started in the process of working out.

I found a small private gym in my neighborhood offering personal training, which is what I felt I needed to get started.  That’s where I met Darin Foss, and when my fear of gyms and working out changed to love of my gym and obsession.  That was 10 years ago.

Darin worked with me from my awkward and timid first year, helping me to transform my body, increase my energy, help me to believe and push myself to achieve more on every level of my workout, always switching it up and keeping it interesting and challenging and inspiring me to want to come back for more.  Initially I worked out  with Darin 3 days a week and now am committed to  4 and sometimes 5 days a week and have never felt or looked better in my life. 

In addition, I have met the most amazing people (other clients of Darin’s), at the gym, who have, like me, been transformed by Darin’s training magic.  It is always a bonus to walk into the gym, surrounded by other individuals who inspire me as much as Darin does.   

Working out at DK Fitness IS the best part of my day. “